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How are Students Chosen for Dual Language Immersion

Student Selection for Dual Language Immersion program

  • In order for a child to be accepted into a dual language immersion program, parents must first complete and submit an application and commitment form for the desired program by the due date.
  • Applications and commitment forms can be picked up at local schools or printed off online, then delivered to respective local schools.
  • Once an application and commitment form has been received, students are randomly selected for a dual immersion program based upon the following criteria:
    • Priority is given to students who live within the school boundaries.
    • If there is room in the program for additional students after boundary students have been accepted, students living outside the school boundaries within the district will be accepted, but there will be no busing available for out-of-boundary students.
    • After meeting the above considerations, students living outside district boundaries will be accepted, but there will be no busing available for out-of-boundary students.

When should parents submit students' applications for a Dual Language Immersion program?

  • An application must be submitted by February 26, 2022, before the student enters 1st grade.
  • There is no waiting list for the initial application; however, if a student is not randomly selected, that student's name may be placed on a waiting list until the beginning of the school year.