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"Utah’s Dual Language Immersion Programs help to prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow. Dual Language Immersion gives students a tremendous and early advantage in learning to navigate the national, cultural, and linguistic complexities inherent in our increasingly global marketplace.”  - Gary Herbert, Utah State Governor

“In this increasingly competitive world, it is critical for Utah students to be able to deliver services and information in various languages and appreciate the subtleties of doing business in other cultures, much of which is learned through language study.”   _ Howard Stephenson, Utah State Senator

“Utah’s Dual Language Immersion Program effectively provides an excellent strategy for Utah students to realize their potential to become an advanced multilingual workforce, better prepared for the challenges of the world economy.” - Law Cramer, President, World Trade Center – Utah

"Keep language-skills momentum going through high school" Johanna Watzinger-Tharp, Ph.D., associate professor of linguistics, senior adviser in the Office for global Engagement and director at International studies Program at the University of Utah.

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